What You Need To Know About The Causes Of Migraines

No one enjoys the feeling of a headache, but a regular headache is usually short in duration and can usually be managed with over the counter pain killers. But for the 35 million migraine sufferers across the U.S., these intense and chronic headaches are a difficult issue to treat and prevent. One of the most difficult aspects of treating and preventing migraines is first determining what is causing the migraine. There are many things that could be a possible trigger of migraines, so here we will take a look at what could be causing your migraines.

First Possible Cause – Low Progesterone / Estrogen Dominance

About 75% of all migraine sufferers are women, and this is likely because one of the leading causes of migraines is a hormonal imbalance in women. While every woman needs a healthy level of estrogen to support their overall health, when a woman’s estrogen levels are significantly higher than their progesterone and other hormone levels, they may be suffering from estrogen dominance. Because estrogen dominance encourages fluid retention and swelling of the brain, it leads to the formation of migraines. If a woman’s migraines are caused by estrogen dominance, they will likely suffer from migraines during certain times of the month through their menstrual cycle.

Second Possible Cause – Excitotoxins

An excitotoxin is a harmful chemical that over-excites nerve cells and ultimately damages or destroys that cell. Two extremely common excitotoxins are MSG and Aspartame, two chemicals that are extremely addictive and are found in just about every food. Unfortunately, such excitotoxins are also among the leading causes of migraines.

Third Possible Cause – Food Sensitivities

Besides excitotoxins, there are many other food sensitivities that can also lead to migraines occurring. One common approach to treating migraine symptoms and preventing future migraines is to have the migraine sufferer try an elimination diet. While on an elimination diet, the migraine sufferer will eliminate foods that are known to be among the leading triggers of migraines such as coffee, alcohol, wheat, dairy, yeast, and more to see if eliminating these foods from their diets reduces or eliminates their migraines in the future.

Fourth Possible Cause – Magnesium Deficiency

While estrogen dominance, excitotoxins, and other food sensitivities are widely recognized as common triggers for migraines, one less known cause of migraines is a magnesium deficiency. There have been studies done to show there is a correlation between a magnesium deficiency and resulting migraines, and in fact nearly half of all migraine sufferers also have a magnesium deficiency. A magnesium deficiency causes vascular spasms which reduce oxygen and blood flow to the brain, which then leads to a migraine forming.

What You Can Do To Treat Migraines

When dealing with the physical pain and the emotional stress of treating migraines, it can seem like you will never find relief. While improving sleep and avoiding triggers such as certain foods and stress can certainly help reduce the number of migraines you experience and the severity of your symptoms, these methods are not completely effective in preventing migraines. Chiropractic care is an alternative medicine treatment that has been gaining popularity in the treatment and care of migraines. Multiple studies have now proven the effectiveness of chiropractic care for reducing the frequency, intensity, and duration of migraine attacks.

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