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Diminished Muscle Strength

How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Strengthen Your Muscles

Chiropractic care is commonly only thought of in terms of spinal manipulations, but the treatments and the results of chiropractic care go far beyond just correcting your spinal alignment.

Other treatment methods a chiropractor may employ to help with your medical issue, especially those pertaining to your muscular performance, may include manual therapy and rehabilitative stretches and exercises. These additional forms of chiropractic therapy increase the mobility of joints and the pliability of muscles.

Chiropractic Adjustments To Strengthen Muscles

Certain types of adjustments can cause a response from a targeted group of nerves to cause a contraction in specific muscle groups. Anytime a muscle contracts and then releases, it is performing a task that strengthens its structure – whether you are lifting weights to achieve this, or a chiropractor is manipulating the effect.

In addition to the response in the muscles, the traditionally expect result of chiropractic care means a properly aligned spine, one in which the joints, tendons, and muscles are able to properly coordinate without compensating for a subluxation in addition to its normal responsibility. This helps to reduce the likelihood of an injury, overstraining a muscle, and improves mobility.

Manual Therapy To Strengthen Muscles

Manual therapy is an application of hand movements to apply pressure and release of “knots”, or

adhesions, in the muscles. By removing these knots, your chiropractor can use manual therapy to stretch and loosen your muscles, promote additional blood flow to the area, promote healing of muscle tissue, and help to strengthen your muscle fibers. When your muscles are healthy and properly stretched, they are better able perform as needed and become stronger.

Rehabilitative Exercises and Stretches To Strengthen Muscles

Certain exercises or stretches may be recommended by your chiropractor in order to promote strength and healing of your muscular system. Each exercise or stretch will be specifically engineered to target a specific muscle or muscle group, so you may be provided several recommendations to help multiple muscle groups throughout your body. Like manual therapy, the goal of these exercises will be to increase your muscle strength, promote healthy healing, allow your muscles to appropriately respond to stimuli (like lifting weights, running, or sporting activity) for further strengthening.