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Sports Injuries

RCRC Sports Injuries Valrico, FL

How a Chiropractor Helps Heal Your Sports Injury

Conditioning, mental toughness, strategy, and practice: a sports-oriented lifestyle requires dedication. The physical elements like conditioning and practice are especially emphasized, and—when someone has a single-minded focus on winning or improving her personal best—it is easy to make errors that lead to strains, sprains, and tears.

Some of the most valued coaches and personal trainers got that way by pushing their athletes to the limit. Unfortunately, in a culture that promotes winning as a high priority, it is all too common for athletes and their trainers to forget that the prevention of further injury is vital for long term success.

Dr. Roman has a special interest in and focus on sports medicine. For many medical providers, the solution to sports injuries is much too simplistic. “You’re getting injured? Then just scale back your commitment to your sport.” Dr. Roman realizes that, for true athletes, their sport is an important part of their identity. Telling an athlete to minimize involvement with their sport is like telling a musician not to sing or play their instrument, or an artist to stop painting so often. A typical family doctor doesn’t have the experience or interest in sports medicine that is necessary to help adapt the individual’s training regimen.

How important is chiropractic care in the treatment of athletes? Just ask the NFL. As of the 2014-2015 season, every single NFL team had its own official chiropractor. For high impact contact sports, the severity of injuries is obvious. But even non-professional weekend sports enthusiasts have injuries that could use chiropractic treatment. And for those who have already healed up, getting regular adjustments is a great way to prevent future injury.

A chiropractor’s main modality is to make manipulative adjustments to the joints, especially the spine. When the joints and limbs are in proper alignment, the body is free to function optimally. Because even hobbyist athletes in low impact sports are more prone to accident than your typical “desk jockey,” it’s important to schedule regular adjustments. This will restore balance and prevent over-compensating.

Dr. Roman is prepared with a wide variety of treatments for a wide variety of sports. For tennis players’ elbows, cyclists’ knees, golfers’ lower backs, or runners’ shin splints, she is well educated and prepared with strategies to get you back to your weekly routine.

For the repetitive motion, heavy impacts, and other dangers that go hand-in-hand with sports victories, a chiropractor can be instrumental in healing and preventing injury.