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Shoulder Injuries

RCRC Shoulder Injuries Valrico, FL

Treating Shoulder Injuries With Rehabilitative Exercises

Have you started experiencing shoulder pain lately? Although there could be lots of causes of the pain, sometimes, patients neglect the fact that rotator cuff damage could be responsible for the pain.

Our body uses the rotator cuff to perform lots of basic activities like lifting an object, brushing our teeth or hair, and even throwing a baseball. The cuff is made up of muscles that surround the shoulder joints and guide the shoulder as it moves. When the rotator cuff is damaged, your shoulder motion becomes poor and pain and inflammation grow.  The rotator cuff can also injure because of repetitive motion or forceful movement.

If it’s not the rotator cuff that’s causing the shoulder pain, other causes could be pinched nerves, shoulder dislocation, frozen shoulder, collarbone/upper arm bone fractured, shoulder joint instability, overuse, tendonitis, or it could simply be strain from overexertion.

Rehabilitative Exercises For Shoulder Pain And Injuries

There are countless rehabilitative exercises for treating shoulder pain regardless of its cause. These exercises are meant to improve and maintain your shoulder health. Here are some of the most recommended ones:

  • Scaptions: This exercise isolates the Supraspinatus muscle that is responsible for stabilizing the shoulder joint as you lift your arm above your head. To perform this exercise, you have to lift your arm at a 30-degree angle in front of your body. Make sure you don’t raise them higher than your shoulder height. Gently retract your shoulder blade by keeping your chest open and your upper body tall.
  • Wall Angles: Wall angles engage most of the muscles that are responsible for shoulder stability, neck position, and upright posture. As the same suggests, you need to keep your head, elbows, and arms against the wall. Start sliding your arms up the wall gradually and then slide them back to the starting position. Perform 10 to 15 repetitions.
  • Shoulder Extensions: Shoulder extensions help strengthen the muscle groups that stabilize the lumbar and thoracic spine and shoulder muscles. When you pull the resistance cable down to your side, all these muscles are recruited.

Chiropractic Care For Shoulder Pain And Injury

It does not matter what caused the shoulder pain, pain management is the primary step in successful rehabilitation. Along with the exercises mentioned above, chiropractic care could prove to be extremely useful in alleviating the pain, eliminating weakness, and restoring the shoulder function.  Your chiropractor will use techniques such as heat and cold application, EMS (electromuscular stimulation) in combination with exercises to improve strength, mobility, and flexibility in the shoulder joint.  She will also readjust your shoulder to restore the function.

The treatment is always gentle and non- invasive. It will begin with a diagnosis and thorough evaluation to find the cause of the underlying problem. After this, the chiropractic adjustment technique will be used for reducing the joint restriction and spinal misalignment to improve the function of your joints and shoulders.