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Rehabilitative Exercises

In addition to providing the best chiropractic treatment to our patients, we can create the right rehabilitative exercise program to get your body functioning optimally. Carefully chosen exercises are an integral part of many therapy plans, because it’s important to not just treat the pain – it is also important to prevent new injuries. The patient must re-strengthen support muscles and correct movements that may be contributing to the problem.

To do that, we will teach you the right exercises to help heal yourself.

Every injury is different. Each body is built uniquely, with its own minor or major limitations. At our practice, we don’t just hand over a photocopied packet of recommended exercises for a textbook condition. We consider your lifestyle, day-to-day physical activities, your goals, and available time, then formulate your rehabilitation exercise plan based on that data.

Although it is important to get physically active again after an injury, please proceed with caution. Even if they don’t hurt at the time, the exercises you’ve been doing at your gym or in training might aggravate the problem. Injured muscles must be re-trained to move correctly, and injuries cause people to compensate in small ways they (or their personal trainer) may not even notice. Often, people will develop habits that cause a muscle imbalance or postural problem, and good chiropractic care is necessary to bring the spine—and therefore, the rest of the body—back into alignment.

Even gentle exercise has been shown to have many general benefits to the body and mind, such as lowered blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels. Incorporating a rehabilitative exercise practice into your weekly routine doesn’t just help to heal your injury. Doing any activity that is very healthy on a daily basis can have emotional benefits, in terms of knowing you’ve done something good to help yourself.

Your exercise regimen may include a number of different components. You will likely be given stretches (static, dynamic, or therapist-assisted). You will also probably be taught repetitive motions that will build or restore strength to your injured muscles. Depending on the state of your core strength, your exercise plan might also include balance or other core stability work.

Rehabilitative Exercise Process and Expectations

Most of Dr. Roman’s rehabilitative exercises will be done in full in-office sessions but will also incorporate “homework.” In a first session, patients will discuss their injuries and goals for healing, then collaboratively determine the best treatment plan, which will start that same day. The idea plan would include three visits per week at first, but we are aware that not everyone can accommodate that into a schedule.

Depending on the seriousness of your injury, and how well you are able to comply with at-home exercises, the first three to six sessions will be full length. Dr. Roman will teach you each exercise or stretch, give feedback on how to do it more effectively, and help you check your physical form so that it can be done properly at home.

At the end of three to six sessions, she will re-evaluate your needs and how your healing is progressing. She will develop additional exercises and stretches appropriate to your current level. Over time, she will alter exercises as needed, and make sure you’re challenging your strength and flexibility in the most beneficial way.

If you have questions, are concerned about discomfort, or need encouragement, we are here to help. Designing your rehabilitative exercise plan is an important step towards wellness, and you have the power to promote your own healing, one exercise at a time.