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Prenatal Back Pain

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Easing Back Pain During Pregnancy With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is all about caring for the spinal column, bone geometry, discs, and related nerves in a healthy way, without relying on surgery or drugs. It involves the adjusting of misaligned joints of the spine and other parts of the body so as to reduce spinal nerve stress and improve on the body’s overall health.

Is Chiropractic Care Advisable During Pregnancy?

Chiropractic care is entirely safe during pregnancy, and as of this moment, there are no known adverse symptoms of using chiropractic care during pregnancy. All chiropractors have the necessary training that equips them to work with women who are pregnant.

Why Should I Have Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?

There are various endocrinological changes and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy. These changes can lead to a misalignment of the spine and joints. Some of these changes include a pregnant woman’s pelvic changes and postural adaptations to an ever-growing abdomen (like an increased back curve) that lead to increased discomfort and pain associated with their pregnancy.

Creating a pelvic balance is one of the reasons why you should consider chiropractic care during pregnancy.  A misaligned pelvis may reduce the available room for the baby to thrive in. A misaligned pelvis would also create a challenging environment for the baby to enter into the best position during delivery. Chiropractic care during your pregnancy can help you have a non-invasive, natural birth.

A well-aligned spine helps the body to function effectively.

What Are The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?

Chiropractors employ various techniques that reduce pressure on the abdomen and can also provide you with special exercises and stretches that are safe to utilize during pregnancy. This in turn can help to reduce your stress and physical pain.

There are several other benefits for women who utilize chiropractic care during pregnancy. The benefits include:

  • Reduced back, joint, and neck pain
  • Reduced likelihood of a cesarean delivery (C-section)
  • Reduced labor and delivery time
  • Helping to relieve nausea
  • Maintaining an overall healthier pregnancy