Physical Therapy: The Key To Sports Injury Recovery

All sports are physically demanding whether you play football or take part in rock climbing. You need to train your body every day to build up your stamina and mold your body in to performing better physically. Being a sportsperson is not easy because it takes a lot of pain, sweat, and hard work to compete against others in the field of sports. But it is very important that you stay careful and play by the rules because there are a lot of chances of you getting a sports injury.

Sports injuries are very common and occur due to various reasons including insufficient warm-up, adapting poor training methods, lack of proper conditioning exercises. The best way to avoid them is by playing by the rules and being very cautious while training or playing. Even then, it is still possible to get injured.

Understanding Sports injuries

There are mainly two types of injuries. The first type includes injuries like sprains, strains, concussions, cuts and fractures. These types of injuries are named “Acute Traumatic Injuries” and happen if your body received a force or blow. Acute traumatic injuries can be caused by falling, tripping, or being tackled like in the case of football. These injuries are usually hard to avoid. Even if you were careful and playing by rules, you still have the chance to get into some accidental situation which may cause these types of injuries. In the event you get these types of injuries, you should immediately opt for first aid on the spot and then go see a doctor as soon as possible so it is treated with care and no further infections or further severe issue arises afterwards.

The second type is known as “Overuse Injuries” because they include tendonitis or stress fractures. These injuries are generally caused due to repetitive stress on the body while training. They are considered chronic because injuries like this happen over time and might not seem very serious at first but can get worse very fast if not taken care of and properly treated. These injuries are hard to identify as they occur over time and by the time you realize something is wrong, the injury has actually been there for a while. For these injuries, you may need to consult a doctor for some treatment plan including medication and physical therapy to recover from the injury.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a way of treating physical injuries by using physical methods such as exercise, massage, heat therapy, stretches, etc. Physical Therapy is a form of rehabilitation treatment which is very effective for coping up with sports injuries in particular. A physical therapist is a trained professional who helps the patient of an injury to build up strength and recover by teaching them and helping them perform a combination of different exercises, stretches, massages, and other techniques. Physical therapy is also done by using some specialized equipment to address certain problems and to help in rehabilitation.

Usually, a physical therapist observes his patient’s history closely and works out a plan to help him treat the weak and inflexible muscles in the body which are prone to injuries over time. Once the Dr. Roman has closely studied her patient’s condition and set up a treatment plan, she will review the plan and the treatments included in it with the patient. The physical therapist will also set up a schedule for the patient to follow. She will help their patient to recover from their injuries through specialized treatments which will help the patient to slowly recover their strength and stamina and eventually recover from the injury.