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Knee Injury

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How A Chiropractor Can Help Your Knee Injury

Knees are subjected to a several stressors – weight bearing forces, impact, and constant motion while walking, making your knees susceptible to injury. This risk increases for active individuals who participate in sports or regular physical exercise.

What Causes Knee Injury?
Knee injuries are commonly caused by trauma or disease, resulting in discomfort or pain. Some of the more common reasons for knee pain include:

  • Car Accidents
  • Falls
  • Overuse
  • Sports Impact
  • Genetics
  • Muscle Disorders
  • Age Deterioration

How does the chiropractor help a person with a knee problem?
When you first see a chiropractor about your knee pain, they are going to make you walk and observe your gait to see how much pressure your place on that joint. They’ll also perform a physical assessment of the joint to determine where it hurts most, and which movements of the joints cause the pain.

Taking into consideration your medical history, including any trauma or accidents that may have caused your knee pain, your chiropractor will formulate a treatment plan specific to your unique needs. It’s more personal care than what you typically get from your own personal physician.

Chiropractors learn more about than just the spine in their education and training – they also have to understand how all parts of the body work together. Your spine is just the core and central part of your whole-body health.

Depending on your initial assessment your chiropractor may recommend different treatments. If your spine is misaligned (noticeable from slouching, the way you walk, and your physical exam) then manual manipulations may be recommended since your knee pain may be caused by compensating for the spinal misalignment.

Other treatment options include manual therapy, such as soft tissue manipulation (a more formal and medical version of a massage), or rehabilitative exercises and stretching.