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Kinesiology Taping

You may have noticed that some professional athletes have lengths of colorful tape running across their limbs. What is that all about?

Old fashioned athletic taping is meant to offer support to injured muscles and joints, or to decrease the risk of injury. Kinesiology taping has these benefits, as well as the ability to decrease swelling, stabilize joints, and re-train muscle firing patterns. It is done using space-age materials—not a simple adhesive roll from the drug store—and using clinically researched application methods.

At Roman Chiropractic, Kinesio tape is applied to targeted areas in specific, strategic patterns. The tape is used to gently, comfortably push and pull the affected area using the desired amount of force. Your doctor has been trained to identify which application patterns will best provide support, reduce pain and inflammation, correct posture, or promote lymphatic drainage.

Unlike those athletes on TV, the joggers you see in your local park may not have had their own bright neon stripes administered using a proper technique. Regular taping is very different from Kinesiology taping. A high school coach might wrap his pitcher’s elbow to stabilize the position of her muscles, but if he hasn’t been adequately trained, this might do more harm than good.

Our taping is comfortable and dries quickly after sweating or showering. Unlike other taping you may have experienced, it is not restrictive, allowing full range of motion. Old fashioned taping doesn’t have the right elastic qualities; its stiffness can cause blistering. It also only offers support for a short amount of time, and can wear out within hours, while Kinesio taping lasts several days.

While regular athletic tape applied by an untrained person might appear similar to a Kinesio tape application, the similarity is only skin deep. Its targeted support and its adhesive directional pull stay on your body, enhancing the effects of other therapies you are receiving.