How To Have A Successful Return To Spring Sports This Season

With the Spring season upon us once more, it is now time for new seasons of Spring time sports to begin. Many people take a break during the winter months from intense physical activities and sports, while others are now switching from one type of sport to another. Regardless of whether you have taken a break over the winter months or if you are just changing activities, you want to make sure you are both physically and mentally prepared to function at your optimal performance throughout the Spring sports season. So, what do you need to do to have a successful return to your Spring sports? Here are a few things we recommend:

Have An Adjustment Done

Having a schedule in which you receive regular chiropractic adjustments is beneficial to every one’s overall physical and mental health and well-being, but it is especially beneficial to those who participate in intensive physical activities and sports. A chiropractic adjustment provides many benefits including improving functioning of your nervous system and immune system, while also restoring and improving your range of motion in your muscles and joints. Having a nervous system and immune system that are performing at their maximum potential allow your muscles and tendons to keep up with the many expectations placed upon your body in Spring sports while also protecting your body from potential sports injuries and traumas. You should definitely schedule your regular chiropractic adjustment before you begin your new Spring sports season.

Provide Yourself Time To Prepare

Hopefully you have given your mind and body time to prepare for your upcoming Spring sports season. You don’t want to remain in a rest period up until the day the new sports season begins and then expect your body to abruptly begin performing at it’s maximum potential. Make sure you are staying physically active in some capacity before the season begins and adjust your normal exercise routine based on the level of physical performance that will be expected of you in the upcoming sports season.

The Importance Of Stretching, Warm Ups, And Cool Downs

No matter what type of physical activity you are involved in, from a regular exercise routine to seasonal sports team involvement, you should always allow your body the opportunity to stretch and warm up prior to physical activity and the opportunity to cool down before you end your physical activity. You should spend at least ten minutes stretching all your major muscle groups before you begin your physical activity and after your activity is complete. You should also spend an additional fifteen to twenty minutes warming up before beginning any physical activity. Your warm up should be designed to mimic the movements you will be expected to perform in your physical activity to get those specific muscles warmed up and ready to go. Finally, you should never just abruptly stop engaging in physical activity as your body needs a cool down period to adjust to your more relaxed state. Your cool down should be between five and eight minutes long and can even consist of the same exercises you did for your warm up.

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