Is chiropractic treatment ongoing?

For some physicians, much of your care takes place outside that office. For example, the antibiotics a primary care doctor prescribes are filled at a pharmacy and taken at home over the course of weeks. A chiropractor’s treatment, on the other hand, uses hands-on techniques that occur in the office, and may require a number of visits. This may be why it seems like chiropractic care is more intensive: apart from your at-home exercises, it is all done on site.

A chiropractor may provide care for an acute or chronic condition or may recommend preventive measures. In any of these “high need” cases, the patient is able to schedule the number of visits his or her schedule permits and is encouraged to discuss any concerns with the doctor. Even after a chronic condition is under control, many patients look forward to a regular weekly adjustment, as they know their muscles and joints will feel better as soon as it has been administered.