What is chiropractic care?

It is a health care profession focused on the way that the spine interacts with the nervous system, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of other misaligned joints. Chiropractors use adjustments to restore joint function and reduce pain.

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How safe is chiropractic treatment?

It is one of the safest therapies available for the treatment of neuromuscular or musculoskeletal problems: all natural, drug free, and non-invasive. As compared to many other forms of treatment, it is conservative and low risk. Adjustments are extremely safe when performed by a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. Some conditions may make certain kinds of adjustments [...]

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When a chiropractor adjusts my spine, what is that “popping” sound?

Adjustment of a joint (or manipulation) often results in a popping sound, but there is no need for concern. The air pressure within the joint has suddenly changed, which causes the gas bubble to be released. It is the same thing that happens when someone cracks his or her knuckles. There is rarely any discomfort [...]

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Do all patients get the same “assembly line” adjustment?

No. Each patient’s case is unique, and therefore his or her adjustment is customized to meet very specific needs and health conditions. The doctor modifies adjustments based on your age, size, and health complaints.

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Does it hurt to get a chiropractic adjustment?

Rarely, and even then, not much. Any minimal pain experienced during the adjustment is offset by the overall relief the person gets in the long and even short term.

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Will I be sore from a chiro adjustment?

The most common side effect after a first adjustment may be a small amount of soreness or aching the following day. This could be compared to the soreness from moderate exercise, but very likely no worse. If you experience soreness, an icepack or simple, light stretching should do the trick.

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How long does an office visit take?

Although you should allow more time for an initial consult with any healthcare professional, a typical chiropractic adjustment might take much less time than you expect. Once the doctor has had an opportunity to become familiar with your conditions, she will know which treatments to apply, in what order. For some patients, the adjustment process might be [...]

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Is chiropractic treatment ongoing?

For some physicians, much of your care takes place outside that office. For example, the antibiotics a primary care doctor prescribes are filled at a pharmacy and taken at home over the course of weeks. A chiropractor’s treatment, on the other hand, uses hands-on techniques that occur in the office, and may require a number of [...]

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Can I learn to adjust myself?

No. While the doctor can recommend exercises or stretches, no at-home treatment can replace a trained chiropractor. While you may have a well-meaning strong friend, who offers to pick you up and “crack” your back, spinal adjustment is a delicate process, and dangerous in the hands of amateurs. An adjustment is a carefully measured force, [...]

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Do chiropractors require a person to get undressed?

No. If you are wearing a restrictive jacket, or chunky jewelry that might get in the way, the doctor may suggest that you remove an item, but chiro adjustments do not generally call for a patient to disrobe.

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Can pregnant women be adjusted?

Yes. Any time is a good time to relieve your aches and pains, but pregnant women may have particular discomforts (for instance, increased sciatica) that can be improved by adjustments. If you are going to have a baby, notify your doctor so that she can plan her approach to accommodate each stage of pregnancy.

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Can children be adjusted?

Yes. Active children get minor injuries all the time, and birth itself can be traumatic to joint alignment. Although children have fewer aches and pains than adults, chiro adjustments can be beneficial to growing bodies.

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