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Instability & Poor Balance

Balance and coordination are something that most people enjoy the benefits of without much thought or consideration. It isn’t until we lose these things, or they begin to weaken, that we seek treatment to repair or improve them. Our balance and coordination are controlled by the visual and vestibular system – two systems that answer to our central nervous system. The central nervous system connects the mind with the body and helps communicate between the two, including responding appropriately when the body is ill or even notifying the mind to take corrective action when we stumble or lean too far.

The central nervous system is protected by the spine and damage to the spine, including misalignments, can cause an interruption in the central nervous system’s process such as affecting balance and/or coordination.

A chiropractor performs specific treatments designed to correct misalignments in the spine, returning the central nervous system back to its optimal setting and allowing the body to resume normal functioning.

In addition to spinal manipulations, chiropractors can also perform additional treatments to aid in improved balance and coordination performance. Your chiropractor may recommend and help you perform rehabilitative exercises to help strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and help rebuild your balance and coordination.