Can A Chiropractor Help Stop Your Back Pain?

Back pain is one medical condition that can really affect your productivity as well as your other daily life activities. So, significant attention is needed to treat this kind of condition to let you continue doing your activities efficiently.

If you are suffering from back pain, you might already consider different treatments, and some failed to help you solve the issue. Good thing, you can opt for a chiropractor and the traditional way to treat back pain.

But, can a chiropractor can really help you stop your back pain?

According to some researches, a chiropractor can be a great help for back pain, especially for the lower back. Others who sought chiropractic care along with traditional medical care were saw better results for pain relief compared to those who used traditional medical care alone.

Chiropractic care includes various forms of spinal manipulation which are also known as “adjustments.” Not all the chiropractic care procedures involve direct “cracking” of bones. One of its techniques is using an activator, a handheld device to provide a gentler means of aligning the spine while other techniques involve moving the table in order to align the body of the patient.

Can You Rely On A Chiropractor?

It is common for many adults suffer from back and neck pain, in fact, nearly of a quarter of all adults have sought treatment for back or neck pain. and they need to ensure that they can treat this condition, so they can avoid complications caused by back pain and discomfort as well as enabling them to enjoy life in a comfortable way.

Based on the 2016 study of Goertz, about 14% of people suffer from back or neck pain have seen chiropractors in the past year. This study provided information that 33% of the respondents said that chiropractic care provided the safest way to treat their back and neck pain and about 75% of all Americans would like to look for treatments outside of medication for pain relief.

In the same study, 29% of the respondents said that chiropractic care offered them a more effective means of relief compared to pain medication while only 22% of them preferred medication over chiropractic care.

What Can You Expect From A Chiropractor?

It is undeniable that some people suffering from back pain are afraid of trying chiropractic care, at least, not until they give it a shot. Typically, fear of chiropractic care comes from a misunderstanding of general chiropractic procedures and what an adjustment actually entails.