Brandon Chiropractic Treatment And Prevention Of Sports Injuries

An Overview of Sports Injuries

Although athletes are in ideal shape and are constantly working to condition themselves and their body to become even better at their activity, it is important to recognize the risk of injury that is possible during conditioning or during actual sport performance.

Injuries, from minor sprains to major injuries like a torn ligament or broken bone, can cause the athlete to lose valuable practice and conditioning time – or risk their career in the long run. It is important to identify injuries early and begin treatment as early as possible in order to minimize the consequences of a sports injury.

Symptoms of Sports Injuries

Sometimes after long hours of activity or sport conditioning you may feel muscle pain or soreness which is a normal reaction to working out muscles, but should the pain or soreness continue for a day or two, even after relaxing, then you should see a doctor.

Swelling around joints or a burning or dull pain on the skin should not be taken lightly as they can be signs of a serious injury and will only worsen unless attended to by a doctor.

Constant headaches, sensitivity to bright lights, and blurred vision – even if it comes and goes, should also be looked into as these can be signs of a concussion or other head injury.

Common Types of Sports Injuries

There are many possible ways for an athlete to become injured. Some of the more common injuries seen include:

  1. Hip Flexor Strain

The hip flexor muscles that help with moving your knee upward could result in an injury when they are torn. Those who engage in soccer or hockey should be carefully of this.

  1. Concussion

This injury happens when something (or someone) hits your head with great force. Even if your sport or activity requires you to wear a helmet, you may still experience a concussion. Common signs include dizziness, amnesia, and headaches. Those who engage in football, hockey, and boxing are at a higher risk for concussions.

  1. Shin Splints

This is as a result of stress constantly subjected to the tibia bone (one of the bones in your shin) when exercising or performing a task like running. Most commonly seen in runners but can affect even those who are not overly active.

  1. Sciatica

This causes pain in the lower-back and can sometimes reach the legs. It can be as a result of cycling or running more than necessary.

  1. Epicondylitis or “Tennis Elbow”

It is usually caused by continuous use of the elbow without resting. Most commonly seen in tennis players due to the constant use of one of their arms and bending of the elbow – hence the injury’s nickname.

  1. Shoulder Injury

This kind of injury on the shoulder can occur if you continuously stress this specific joint while playing or training for tennis, swimming, weightlifting, baseball, football, or basketball.

Brandon Chiropractic Care of Sports Injuries at Roman Chiropractic and Rehab Center

There are many other injuries that are associated with playing or training for physical activities like sports. What’s important is recognizing you have an injury and not ignoring it. Some injuries may heal on their own, such as overuse injuries, but they require extensive amounts of rest and hot/cold therapy to reduce inflammation. However, other injuries require treatment or if you do not rest an overused area, things can worsen. Many injuries can be avoided with the proper prevention techniques – like stretching, conditioning, and strengthening of specific muscles associated with your sport or activity.

Brandon Chiropractor, Dr. Roman, specializes in injury treatment and prevention. Using chiropractic manipulations as well as manual massage therapies and rehabilitative exercises, Dr. Roman focuses on reducing inflammation in the affected area while forming an exercise and therapy plan to strengthen the muscles you commonly use in order to prevent reinjury and downtime from the activities you enjoy.