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Easy Ankle Stretches You Can Do At Home

Specific exercises can help prevent injury, or reinjury of sensitive or vulnerable joints such as you ankle. Here are a few that are recommended in the case of ankle sprain: EXERCISE 1: Range of Motion: Alphabet Get comfortable in a chair. Sit up straight, but not uncomfortably straight; consider supporting your lower back with [...]

Easy Ankle Stretches You Can Do At Home2018-10-19T11:01:40+00:00

Preventing Ankle Reinjury

Wrists and ankles are complicated joints. Their range of motion and versatility are remarkable. And ankles have a difficult task: supporting the entire human frame. Even during the course of a ho-hum, low productive day, they take thousands of impacts. Imagine the strain they’re under on days when you’re loading a moving truck, standing on [...]

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Stop Using Pain Killers For Reoccuring Headaches And Try This!

Day-to-day headaches may not be deadly, but when they crop up, they certainly make it difficult to enjoy life. When one arrives, some people stay on the job and try to distract themselves with junk food or other indulgent coping mechanisms. Others use it as an excuse to check out of their responsibilities for [...]

Stop Using Pain Killers For Reoccuring Headaches And Try This!2018-10-19T11:03:49+00:00